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Quick Overview

t is a unique remote irrigation management product that uses GSM technology to monitor and manage your irrigation systems.

Control Remote compact controller installs inside the last tower box of your center pivot to allow you to monitor and manage your irrigation systems remotely without changing your existing control panel.

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  • Start/Stop
  • Forward/Reverse
  • End gun ON/OFF
  • Speed %
  • Speed controlled by iControlRemote Main Panel.



  • Start/Stop programs on weekly calendar.
  • End gun control by sector.
  • Speed % and Water application depth controlled by sector and by running direction.
  • Auto Reverse or Auto Stop controlled by 2 angles with delay if with water
  • Stop in Slot by Angle.


  • Span position on Google Map.
  • Status of the machine (ON/OFF).
  • Running direction.
  • End Gun Status.
  • Real Speed of the machine (%).
  • Depth application (mm).
  • Pressure at the last tower (as an option if pressure transducer is installed).
  • Position by angle relative to North.
  • GPS signal.
  • GSM signal.
  • Total Hour Counter.
  • Water Hour Counter.
  • Water volume (m³).



  • Cable Theft Alarm.
  • Power lost.
  • Low pressure.
  • No water.
  • Direction change.
  • GPS connection lost.



  • Pressure transducer on the last tower.
  • Water control (ON/OFF): needs additional device to control pump or valve on the hydraulic networks.
  • Solar panel for cable theft alarm when machine is without power during the winter season.
  • Compatible with iprox product to control pump station, Solid Set sprinklers, Drip Irrigation and other network valves.

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