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Agriculture absorbs most of world's water resources. Approximately 70% of water from rivers, lakes and groundwater is used for irrigation purposes. Nowadays, 30-40% of agricultural products, worldwide, result from irrigated agriculture.

These numbers will increase in the next years. By 2050 the forecast is that 80% of supplies will be from irrigated agriculture. Irrigation is a key factor in order to stabilize and increase productivity of crops. Furthermore, it allows agriculture in semi-desert areas which, otherwise, could not host crops. 

Poorest countries, despite of their high water consumption, have very low yelds. This because most water is lost during storage and transport operations, mostly due to poor conditions of irrigation systems and lacks in the design. 

To solve these problems, it is critical to invest in the most recent technologies, like drip irrigation, reduce operating costs and improve water networks. 

G. Magnano is a leading company in the manufacturing, design and installation on the best solution for irrigation.