Perrot RollcarT-V

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Quick Overview

The PERROT-RollcarT-V travels and irrigates on its own. Used mainly for large sized green areas, sport fi elds, nurseries and gardens.

The RollcarT-V starts moving as soon as the water supply is turned on and is slowly drawn along the lawn , along the previously layed out nylon cable. At the end of the designated area the RollcarT-V automatically stops waterfl ow and irrigation.

More details

  • Travelling speed: 10 to 20 m/h
  • Operating pressure: min 3,5 bar at unit
  • Water consumption: 3,0 m³/h
  • Width of irrigation: 28 to 36 m
  • Length of irrigation: 120 m Material: Alu, brass, durable engineering plastic
  • Overall measurements: 77 x 47 x 40 cm Total weight: 27,0 kg

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