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Quick Overview

iTape is particularly suitable for well-drained soil intended for growing vegetables and flowers, thanks to the short distance between the drop points and their low flow rate. The dripper labyrinth ensures a high level of uniform water distribution for the entire line.


  • Diameters: 16, 22, 25 and 29 mm
  • Thickness: from 4 to 15 MIL
  • Flows: from 0.3 to 1.2 l/h

More details

  • High performance in terms of dispensing irrigation, even in fertigation cycles.
  • The particular design of the turbulent flow labyrinth reduces sedimentation to a minimum and enables greater line lengths with excellent emission uniformity;
  • The extended filtering surface of the dripper protects the labyrinth from any clogging;
  • Possibility to create considerably long lines;
  • The double green recognition line indicates the top of the outlet holes;
  • The outlet hole, engraved with laser technology, considerably reduces obstruction and intrusion of the roots;
  • Supply of water and nutrients in an excellent position compared to the root system;
  • Reduced phytopathological problems as the foliage is kept dry.

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