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  1. 210 valves

    210 valves

    The 200 Series plastic control valves range from ¾” to 2” in size, in either globe or angle pattern. These Solenoid Control Landscape Valves are Electrically operated, (24V/AC-2Way) control valves providing superior hydraulic performance, demonstrating state-of-the-art hydraulics and plastics technology. Learn More

  2. Brass ball bib cock

    Brass ball bib cock

    Brass ball bib cock  Diameters from DN015 - ½" to DN025 - 1"  Threaded M (ISO 228/1) with hose union  Air testing according to EN12266-1  Blow-out proof stem  With handle or butterfly  DN15 and DN20 available with check cartridge (Fig. 310NR)  TR CU 010 compliant, optional ACS compliant version available PN16  Learn More

  3. Brass ball valves

    Brass ball valves

    Full bore brass ball valve  Diameters from DN008 - ¼" to DN100 - 4"  Threaded F/F (ISO 228/1)  Design according to MSS-SP-110  Air testing according to EN12266-1  Blow-out proof stem, adjustable packing  With handle or butterfly (up to DN≤50)  ACS, VA and TR CU 010 compliant PN32 up to 85°C, max 10bar at 130°C When used with air Max 20bar up to... Learn More

  4. Butterfly Valves

    Butterfly Valves

    Ductile Iron Wafer butterfly valve  Diameters from DN032 - 1¼" to DN600 - 24"  For EN1092 PN16 flanges (also PN10 for DN≤150)  Lengths according to EN558-1 series 20 (ex DIN3202 K1)  Design according to EN593  Testing according to EN12266-1  Epoxy coating (min. 150 μm)  Available with ductile iron or SS disc  Seat in EPDM (NBR also for SS disc... Learn More

  5. Europa check valve

    Europa check valve

    Suitable for domestic water services, heating and air-conditioning plants, compressed air systems. They can be installed in any position: vertical, horizontal, oblique. Body in brass. Plate in stainless steel. Washer in NBR. Spring in stainless steel. Minimum and maximum working temperatures: -20°C, 100°C. Threads: ISO228 (equivalent to DIN EN... Learn More

  6. Hydraulic valves 400 Series

    Hydraulic valves 400 Series

    The 400 Series is designed for agricultural irrigation. The patented and design-registered 400 Series represents the cutting edge of control valve technology. This diaphragm-actuated family of valves blends simple, dependable construction with superior performance for versatility in a range of water control applications in irrigation and waterworks systems. Learn More

  7. PP ball bib cock

    PP ball bib cock

    Polypropylene homopolymer ball bib cock  Diameters from DN010 - ⅜" to DN025 - 1"  Threaded M (ISO 228/1) with hose union  One piece body  Brass internal parts and hose union  (quick release plastic hose union available as option up to DN≤20)  Blow-out proof brass stem, with handle or butterfly  TR CU 010 compliant PN16  Learn More

  8. PP ball valves

    PP ball valves

    Polypropylene homopolymer ball valve  Diameters from DN008 - ¼" to DN050 - 2"  Threaded F/F (ISO 228/1)  Blow-out proof stem  (ball and stem in stainless steel on request)  With handle or butterfly (up to DN≤32)  TR CU 010 compliant PN16  Learn More

  9. Red head valves

    Red head valves

    Available in various connection combinations, Take-Off for PE Pipe Connection, D-Barb, Male Pipe Thread, Female Thread (Spinning Nut), Ø16 Tape Connection, Take-Off for PVC Pipe Connection, Lay-Flat Connection and Ø22 Tape Connection A total of 27 different combinations are available. Quick Action valve with positive quarter turn “On-Off” feature. Learn More

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There are 9 products.