With the expression "drip irrigation" we normally accept any irrigation material with low intensity.  



The products


Tape was born in the '80s in USA with the name of bi-wall. Its name comes from a tape, precisely, bent and settled in order to form a labyrinth dripper. 

Light dripline

In the light dripline, the dripper is not part of the PE pipe but it is settled internally. This allows more configurations than tape system. 

Round dripline

Similar to light dripline, these products are designed for multi-seasonal usages (for example for vineyards, orchards). 

it is made of a low density PE pipe with partial or full wall dripper. 




In addition to driplines and tapes, dripper are designed to be installed manually in the pipe.



Key words

Pressure compensating (PC)

With these products, thanks to a silicon membrane, the flow of the system is not subject to changes even when pressure fluctuates. 

Drop stop (DS)

In this case, the dripper starts and stops its flow at fixed pressures. It is commonly used for hydroponic purposes which require great precision. 



Anti siphon

These drippers are designed for subsurface applications (SDI) in order avoid the entry of extraneous particles.