Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems

Our filters allow to have the best filter protection for every irrigation system. The simple and safe structure, result of careful building technology, reduce the need for maintenance. Resistant to pressure changes and external stresses, our filters are characterized by a robust and flexible filter element.

Filtration Systems
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  1. CE HF filter

    CE HF filter

    CE HF self-cleaning screen filters, particularly suitable for the filtration of water with small and medium suspended quantities of sand. Inside the cartridge there is a punched plate. When water flows through it, it creates a vortical flow whose turbulent action avoids the accumulation of impurities on the surface of the filtering cartridge. Learn More

  2. CE L filter

    CE L filter

    The CE L screen filter is used for general filtering of water with small and medium sized suspended inorganic particles. Learn More

  3. F3240 automatic filter

    F3240 automatic filter

    Automatic screen filters F3240 are available with 25 to 450 mch flow-rates, connections from 2’’ to 10’’, with different filtration levels. The fully autonomous operation allows its installation even in remote areas lacking electricity. The automatic washing of the screen is achieved through a small quantity of water collected from the main flow avoiding... Learn More

  4. HD Hydrocyclone

    HD Hydrocyclone

    Hydro-cyclone filters are used for irrigation water from wells, rivers and lakes, with a considerable amount of suspended sand. Learn More

  5. PRo plastic filters

    PRo plastic filters

    Plastic filters for secondary filtration, safety filtration. The disk filter allows high efficiency and filtration precision. Thanks to the excellent UV ray resistance, it can be installed outdoors without any protection. Learn More

  6. Sand media filter

    Sand media filter

    Sand filters are particularly suitable for the filtration of water with high amounts of organic substances: algae, mud and slimy particles of organic matrix. They are recommended for water from rivers, lakes or dams. Learn More

-- Product Name: A to Z

There are 6 products.