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  1. Flat Pipe

    Flat Pipe

    Magnano Lay-flat hose is reinforced, flexible and lightweight. It is ideal for connecting different tubes, thanks to the simplicity of cut and bore. High resistance is guaranteed by a woven mesh, without compromising lightness and ease of use.   Diameters 1"1/2x40mm 2"x52mm 2"1/2x65mm 3"x77mm 4"x103mm 5"x128mm 6"x150mm... Learn More

  2. iTape


    iTape is particularly suitable for well-drained soil intended for growing vegetables and flowers, thanks to the short distance between the drop points and their low flow rate. The dripper labyrinth ensures a high level of uniform water distribution for the entire line.   Diameters: 16, 22, 25 and 29 mm Thickness: from 4 to 15 MIL Flows: from 0.3 to... Learn More

  3. P1 light dripline

    P1 light dripline

    P1 is the new multiseasonal product for drip irrigation in greenhouse and open field suitable for most crops. It is the light dripline of a new generation meeting the needs of the most advanced drip irrigation, fulfilling all the necessary requirements in terms of operation and ease of use.   Diameters: 16, 22, 25 and 29 mm Thickness: from 5 to 24... Learn More

  4. PrecisionTape


    PrecisionTape thin wall drip line   PrecisionTape's design minimizes friction loss through its small design, and its uniquely engineered flow path that minimizes exponent. In other words, PrecisionTape allows you to achieve longer distances per row while still maintaining high uniformity. Diameters: 16 and 22 mm Thickness: from 4 to 24 MIL Flows:... Learn More

  5. Red head valves

    Red head valves

    Available in various connection combinations, Take-Off for PE Pipe Connection, D-Barb, Male Pipe Thread, Female Thread (Spinning Nut), Ø16 Tape Connection, Take-Off for PVC Pipe Connection, Lay-Flat Connection and Ø22 Tape Connection A total of 27 different combinations are available. Quick Action valve with positive quarter turn “On-Off” feature. Learn More

  6. Tape fittings

    Tape fittings

    Full line of fittings with nut for tape and driplines.  Diameters available: 9.5, 16, 22, 25 and 29 mm.  Learn More

-- Product Name: A to Z

There are 6 products.